About the Lab

The Speech, Reading, and Cognition Lab (SRCL) is supervised by Dr. Larry Brancazio and Dr. Dina Moore in the Psychology Dept. at SCSU. Our laboratory projects primarily involve behavioral research on audiovisual speech perception, reading skill, attentional control, and working memory in college-aged students. We also have a number of active collaborations with researchers at SCSU, Haskins Laboratories, and other institutions.  We typically have two or three undergraduate students work in the lab for course credit.

Some of the laboratory research is supported by grants provided by NIH (listed below) and by the CSCU Board of Regents.

Current and recent projects in the lab include:

  • Relationships among measures of audiovisual speech perception, reading skill, attentional control, and working memory in college-aged students
  • Examining the time-course of speech perception using cursor movements with a computer mouse (“mousetracking”)
  • Reading profiles and learning strategies as predictors of academic success
  • Attentional demands of auditory and audiovisual speech comprehension
  • Explorations of a perceptual illusion called the “McGurk effect.” This occurs when an auditory speech signal of a person saying one syllable (such as “ba”) is presented at the same time as a video clip of a person saying a different syllable (such as “da”). Very often, the mismatched visual signal actually causes listeners to mis-hear the auditory syllable.

Current research collaborations:

  • fMRI measures of perception of non-native speech and gestural representations in speech perception, with Emily Myers (UConn & Haskins), Navin Viswanathan (U. Kansas & Haskins), James Magnuson (UConn & Haskins), Einar Mencl (Haskins), supported by NIH grant HD-01994 to Haskins Labs (J. Rueckl, PI)
  • Speech perception in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with Julia Irwin (SCSU and Haskins Laboratories), Nicole Landi (UConn & Haskins), Jonathan Preston (Syracuse U. & Haskins), Ruth Eren (SCSU) & Kimberly Cuevas (UConn), supported by NIH AREA grant R15 DC-01386401 to SCSU (J. Irwin, PI)
    • eye-tracking analysis of gaze patterns of children with ASD while listening to talking faces
    • electrophysiological measures (EEG, ERP) of audiovisual speech perception by children with ASD
    • development of iPad app to improve speech perception in children with ASD
  • Developing approaches to improve skills of struggling beginning readers using individualized intervention (with Cheryl Durwin and Deborah Carroll, SCSU, R.E.A.D.S. Lab)

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