Dr. Lawrence Brancazio  is a professor and chairperson of the Psychology department at SCSU.  He received his B.A. in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania in 1992 and his Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 1998 with Dr. Carol A. Fowler. He was a postdoctoral research associate at Northeastern University from 1998-2001, working in the lab of Dr. Joanne L. Miller. He has been at Southern since 2001, and he has also held a position as Senior Research Scientist at Haskins Laboratories since 2002. His primary research interest is how humans use both auditory and visual information to understand spoken language.

IMGP2096Dr. Dina Moore is an associate professor of Psychology at SCSU.  She received her B.A. in Psychology from Boston University in 1993 and her Ph.D. in Psychology from the University of Connecticut in 2001 with Dr. Barbara Sanders. She was a postdoctoral researcher at Haskins Laboratories from 2002-2004, working with the fMRI group led by Dr. Ken Pugh. She has been at Southern since 2004. Her primary research interests are reading skill in college-aged students and in literacy development in children.

Current Undergraduate Students

Kristina Lacasse
       Honors Thesis: A study examining the influence of apathy on risky decision making in college-age students

Katie Slavin
Emilio Flores
Michael Wysocki

Lab Alumni

Natica Blake (2016)
Britt Conroy (2015)
Kayla Tyska (2014-5)
Mario Palmieri (2015)
Charles Peck (2015)
Dan Cosgrove (2014)
Shadie Burke (2014)
Kathryn Demartino (2014)
Jordan Taylor (2014)
Samantha Calcagni (2013)
Hazel DeWee (2013)
Navdeep Singh (2013)
Paul Thomas (2012-3)
Danielle Devlin (2012)
Brittnee Kindzierski (2012)
Andrew Schieffer (2012)
Nicole Volpe (2011-2)
Lisa Murphy (2011)
Kyle Roloff (2011)
Thomas Bouchard (2010-1)
Joseph Canelli (2010)
Jennifer Snyder (2010)
Rina Nimon (2009-2010)
Scott Witter (2009-2010)
Tiffany Marsh (2009)
Loren Schuman (2009)
Heather Elder (2009)
Amanda Cotela (2008)
Renee Guidone (2007-8)
Jheanell Dhamalie (2007)
Jennifer Brisart (2007)
Bronwyn Hunter (2006-7)
Matthew Malchiodi (2007)
Danielle Mezzanotte (2007)
Nicole DiCrecchio (2006)
Billie Starks (2006)
Lara Alam (2006)
Richard Martin (2006)
Lisa Palmucci (2005)
Jeanette Bradley (2005)
Marie Bryson (2005)
Douglas Maturo (2005)
Dana Pettey (2005)
Jessica Tuozzoli (2005)
Jennifer Brule (2005)
John Castiglia (2004)
Jacqueline Diaz (2004)
Sheryl Lecza (2004)
Jamie Hokanson (2004)
Stephanie Mattaboni (2004)
Rebekah Jackson (2003)
Rachel Maloy (2003)
Pam Theodoridis (2003)
Roberta Daversa (2002-2004)

Graduate Theses

Michael Broggi (M.A., 2016)
       Thesis:  A brief screening assessment to detect dyslexia in college students
Rachel Terino (M.A., 2012)
       Thesis: Exploring the effects of viewing nature on reading and memory
Liam Rosati (M.A., 2011)
       Thesis: The effect of acoustic flow information on postural control
Chris Maher (M.A., 2009)
       Thesis: Assessing the impact of sudden onsets in an inattentional blindness paradigm


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